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Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday 20th May

I know how many of you love a mathematical puzzle to solve. Here is one that my class have never tried before so would love to see how you like this one. It's set by the maths education dept at Cambridge University (known as 'NRich') You can try to draw and make your own net/cubes or use the template to solve this puzzle...

Here are the six faces of a cube - in no particular order:


Here are three views of the cube:


Can you deduce where the faces are in relation to each other and record them on the net of this cube?


either use these templates or draw your own

We are about to embark on a new topic - RIVERS! So hold on tight and follow the path of this river - grab a pencil and note down all the different parts of the river. No matter where rivers are in the world - they all have these common features.

A River Journey

Still image for this video
Read the fact file about the different parts of the River then see if you can answer the quiz about Rivers below