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Wednesday 25th March

Activity 1 

To start the day off just have a quick recap of the sounds on your child's sound key ring. After that choose from the words below to 'fred talk' to your child so they can have a go at writing the word. For example, say we are now going to try and write the word fish. You and your child count on your fingers how many sounds are in the word F - I - SH. There are three sounds! repeat again and then your child writes the word fish in their home learning book on the lines.

-Fish, shop, ship, dish, chip, chop, chat, lack, back, sack, pin, in, win, sink, think, link (choose 3/4 words)  

Activity 2

Please watch the video of me reading the book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' on Seesaw. I tried to upload onto the website but the file was to big. I thought it would be a good idea to do something that will make a small difference to the world and environment whilst we are staying in. We use so much plastic and create so much rubbish that today's task is to do something creative with it. You could make a collage out of cut up piece of plastic bags, crisp packets, different labels etc.. Or you could make something out of plastic bottle, egg cartons, toilet roll tubes or even an old shoe box. You can do something as simple as painting a bottle with your child or decorating an old butter tub to use as a money box. If you don't have any recycling then your child can draw a picture of something they would use a plastic bag for. This could be a parachute for their toys or a cape for their doll. Share your creations on Seesaw! I will send the video of me reading the book tomorrow morning. If for whatever reason you can't access the video on Seesaw I have attached a video of someone else reading the book on Youtube. 

Activity 3 

Make a tower out of any construction material e.g. lego, blocks, duplo etc. Make the tower together using 20 blocks and count them as you are building. Remove the top brick and ask how many are left now? When you have agreed 19 slowly take off brick by brick with your child counting down. Pick up speed as there are less and less. If you don't have any construction resources you could use pencils, pens or anything you can find round the house.